Feliz Dia De Reyes

On the morning of the Three Kings Day, January 6th, we woke to a beautiful sunny day.

The Spanish celebrate Epiphany with a parade in the streets .It is Spain`s oldest parade , with the Three Kings dressed in elaborate, brocade costumes, delighting the children by throwing hundreds of sweets onto the streets as they wend their way ,( accompanied by the local Policia on bikes), to the village square, to sit outside the church.

Last year the parade was cancelled due to the Covid pandemic, but this year it was back, albeit with the Three Kings sporting masks, as is the law in this country, when you are outside.

We watched the proceedings , sitting in the sun, outside the bar, as lively music thronged the square and children`s names were called out, to go up and receive their gifts.

It was delightful, and we are so lucky to be able to take part in all these wonderful traditions


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