El Rincon del Esparto

Yesterday on our way to lunch at our friends house just outside Frigiliana up in the hills, we stopped in the village to pop into El Rincon del Esparto, to buy a few lovely things…

 I had spied this gorgeous shop/atelier on Facebook, as the lovely owner Lourdes Bueno takes part in lots of traditional craft fairs and fiestas, making her wares.  Indeed she is the proud owner of an Artesania de Andalucia award, a nod to her excellence in her craft.

I love all things Esparto-a traditional a spiky grass grown locally here in southern Spain.

Lourdes fashions decorative items such as baskets, heavy window blinds, donkey, mule and bulls` heads, decorative mirrors, and wonderful lampshades, all by hand. Indeed she told that when she plaits the grass , she has to wear gloves as her hands can be cut to ribbons!

She adds colourful pom poms, ribbons and braids ,and everything she makes is a one off.

 Do follow her on Instagram, and you must visit her shop in the white village of Frigiliana.

She is in Calle Don Inigo, which is a tiny, steep street with a lovely sea view, tucked behind her family`s restaurant El Tangay.

I love the ceramic sign outside stating `Aqui vive una espartera`, `Here lives an esparto worker`.

Telephone :0034 646 607 800

Lourdes Bueno
Lampshades galore


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