Feria de Maro

We have had ( and it`s still going on), three days of the annual Maro Feria taking place in our village. The Spanish love to party! And this is the first proper Feria here for three years.

It is officially of course the Feria de las Maravillas. The village was swept , watered, painted, clipped within an inch of its life in the week before, no weed left unturned.

Every day begins with music-we have had brass bands and a small procession of players, walking through the village streets, We have had startlingly blue skies, hot sun , relentless humidity ,and fireworks and rockets firing off all day and night.

There have been speeches, introductions, Mass, the election of “La Reina y Caballero 2022` and Miss Flamenca Marena`, and singing, flamenco dancing, gorgeous flamenco dresses, grannies in their best frocks, lots of food and lots of drink!

For me the best-and most important event, and one that is so magical,( and also a feat of strength), was last night .It was the procession from the church of `Nuestra Patrona la Virgen de la Maravillas` around the village, accompanied by La Banda de Musica de Nerja dirigida por D,Dvid Paloma Gomez.

The amazing ornate silver `platform` that holds the stature of the Virgin, is adorned in beautiful scented flowers-mainly white ,roses, and is carried by over 40 men-young and old. The procession is followed by the great and the good and most of the village, through the streets of Maro, taking two hours to return her back to the church.

It is amazing, it is moving ,and we loved it. The swaying of the men as they walk, they rest every few metres, then a bell rings and off they go again. The music is lovely ,and the flowers smell delicious.

And when she is back in the church and the crowds have calmed , another party begins… last nights music went on until 4 am…

Viva Maro y Viva Las Virgen de las Maravillas!

Our lovely friend Ana all dressed up!

2 thoughts on “Feria de Maro

  1. Looks fun. Our villages have a joined up Romeria on Sept 8 th for the ‘Virgen La Reina de los Angeles’. Such a mix of devotion and celebration. Perhaps very Andalucian. You look lovely dressed up and dancing.


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